Friday, 17 May 2013



 at last i can reblog again and make this blog more alive since i wasn't able to splash out some story here. oh yea, just to inform u guys here about my previous blog that i mention before. well, my team decide to private it since i'm not the owner who in-charge to upload some story there. i apologize to some of u who know that i'm still alive here and did not kept my promise..hehehe

i must say that its not my fault anyway.lols. so actually,i decide to upload some story next time if im free enough. i just lost 5 kg- long story... hehehe i'm n hurry now cuz later i got some event to attend. private actually :p . until here. bye^.^ *KISS KISS BYE BYE*


Thursday, 28 March 2013

hey guys & girls

This is just random but very important.

im going to have another blog which is very similar to this but the story are more about my daily life. so from here, i just wanna have some support from all of u to vote me. okay^.^ 

why i have another one?
= for competition
= for opinion/suggestion

name for  the blog?
haven't decide yet. 

*maybe around next week or next month* still decide what to do with it. should it be exactly same or a bit more design? im a bit blurrrr right now. seriously joining some competition are one of my fav.but very stressful sometimes. OK then,i dont have much time to write more.. 


Thursday, 17 January 2013

my new post

hey guys i know it takes a lot of time for me to keep updated. this just a random post cuz i just wana tell you guys about my next post which is gonna be- my fav drink. my long story are not done yet cuz i just edit them last night.

i start to drink collagen. my fringe start to grow longer.
lols my first time using eyeliner from japan- my bff Kevin bought it for me..hehehe he didn't want me to post his picture.

wait for my next post
Bye bye
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