Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Vote for me as Vice President!!

If you think that I would be considered as best Student Council: Vice-President.So Please Vote For Me!!! Tq ^.^


Niesa ;)

Monday, 31 March 2014



OMG!! This is what i called LONG TIME NO BLOGGING!! LOLS so yea, what just happen just before was pretty exciting and before that i just wanna say Congrats to My 1st sister for her engagement just now and it was just an amazing event ever..

Thank you to all of my relatives and of course to Mandursss hehehe. luv u guys so much..Guess what? Im doing eye-makeup*brown+ smokey eyes* for my sister during her engagement day and she really love it so much. lots of people couldn't believe that im doing make-up for my sister. Even her fiancee's was shocked because he thought that my sister order from someone to do her make-up. my cousin said that for my another cousins that going to be marry soon *omg why am i so excited??* most of them booked me!! LOLS LOLS  

Mandurssss..Lets hang out again & 

PS/: Dont always leave me :( although im working, at least spent 3 hours with me laaahhhh~ huhuhuhu T_T 

so yea, im so annoyed when some of people always thought that im still look like 17 yrs old and my friends like 20 yrs old which is she hate to hear that. well for me, it would be compliment and sometimes i like to hear that. oh yea btw im gonna continue my study which is im hoping to get DEGREE IN COMPUTER & BUSINESS 1 day. I told my parents about it since they ask me to learn till get i Degree holder 1 day. oh my-i dont how to explain.. huhuhu


Friday, 17 May 2013



 at last i can reblog again and make this blog more alive since i wasn't able to splash out some story here. oh yea, just to inform u guys here about my previous blog that i mention before. well, my team decide to private it since i'm not the owner who in-charge to upload some story there. i apologize to some of u who know that i'm still alive here and did not kept my promise..hehehe

i must say that its not my fault anyway.lols. so actually,i decide to upload some story next time if im free enough. i just lost 5 kg- long story... hehehe i'm n hurry now cuz later i got some event to attend. private actually :p . until here. ummm...so bye^.^ *KISS KISS BYE BYE*


Thursday, 28 March 2013

hey guys & girls

This is just random but very important.

im going to have another blog which is very similar to this but the story are more about my daily life. so from here, i just wanna have some support from all of u to vote me. okay^.^ 

why i have another one?
= for competition
= for opinion/suggestion

name for  the blog?
haven't decide yet. 

*maybe around next week or next month* still decide what to do with it. should it be exactly same or a bit more design? im a bit blurrrr right now. seriously joining some competition are one of my fav.but very stressful sometimes. OK then,i dont have much time to write more.. 


Thursday, 17 January 2013

my new post

hey guys i know it takes a lot of time for me to keep updated. this just a random post cuz i just wana tell you guys about my next post which is gonna be- my fav drink. my long story are not done yet cuz i just edit them last night.

i start to drink collagen. my fringe start to grow longer.
lols my first time using eyeliner from japan- my bff Kevin bought it for me..hehehe he didn't want me to post his picture.

wait for my next post
Bye bye

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Hey everyone 

I know I spent lots of time writing aka typing this only for u guys. Im really sorry not promising to all of you especially the one who visited my blog like everyday and keep asking me to write/post story here. Ok now im telling you why I didn’t post anything here and I know u guys might think that im not interested to write anything here? Neehh~ you’re wrong babeh~ lols. Im actually having difficult time even want to meet my bestie. Only GOD knows how I miss my bestie so much.

Well, im not good in explaining actually. There’s something wrong everytime I click “POST IT” button and it says that “ERROR SAVING”. I feel wanna pull his/her hair who didn’t let me to post my story here. So yea, I have to save it and if it’s ready then im gonna post it. Alright babe~.
I hope they can fix it as soon as possible. And oh yea, just wanna inform to my dearest reader and visitor- this December I’m not going to post anything or maybe I will but maybe just a random talk to you guys. WHY? As usual me and my family are going for vacation like we always did before *every year* so that’s mean im not really active in this blogger. Also I just want to inform this more clearly to all the haters- IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE ME, I MAY INSIST YOU TO CLICK                 

 Thank you for understanding.

Anyway, thanx for visiting here and also to all my friends out there good luck for your exams. May God always hear your prayer and I hope you guys can answer those question easily. 

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