Wednesday, 25 August 2010

new contact lens by colour VUE

viper contact lense
cyborg contact lense
zebra contact lense
STAR-BURST GREEN contact lense

crazy contact lens $100+ if 1 year and im not sure if 5 month..i think -$45
the most popular is the cat eyes , barbie pink,chequered,viper,twilight,zebra, Blackout and cyborg...
an elegant ready-to-party GOLD or Silver effect
this contact lens only cost $35 -3 month
the thick dark circle creates a defined looking eyes with naturally blending color tones..
dolly eyes / big eyes only cost for $40- 3+ month..

im sorry the pic is not in order because im so busy now a day ... i hope u guys understand..
FYI,, i don't sell those thingy... this are just sample...and BTW i please don't give me such a bad comment about my blog on my fb..OK.'=_='..i hate that..


Sunday, 15 August 2010

i want to be like vivien leigh


gone with the wind..

name:vivian mary hartley aka vivien leigh
DOB: 5/11/13(Darjeeling,west bengal,india)

She was an English actress who achieved outstanding success in theater and cinema. she twice won the academy award for Best Actress playing"SOUTHERN BELLES',SCARLETT O'HARA "in GONE WITH THE WIND..
she was considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her day(she should be proud),and her directors emphasised this in most of her films..

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Friday, 6 August 2010

love it

emma watson


But while Emma appears pleased by the new crop, her fans aren't finding it quite so magical - having become used to Emma as Hermione, with her famously long, curly hair.

The 20-year-old actress was almost unrecognisable as she show off her crop while catching a cab in New York's West Village with friends...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

i miss my ballet class

i dunno why i post this pic.. i didnt have my pic with them.. and so yea I MISS YOU GUYS
i miss my ballet class and my friend.. how could i am!!! i hv to quit at this moment because busy studing ,,yea, and i'll be coming back one day... lols...hahaha i still remember my old friend and really miss my friend especially angelina , brienca ,polina, ashley, my partners frienky now in manchester with his family and zueglar,,dude i miss u and i just wanna tell u that "you such dork"!!! lols...^_^.one day,, i wish that i can continue my ballet class. the most important is i met u guys and dance our funny routine with t.marla!make her more dizzy! and our spoiling pyramid.*_*LOLS.. i still remember when our new teacher that came from Punjabi (she's hot and gorgeous) i love her hair & her lips alot .she force us to split and she taught us how to dance bollywood style and she always eat 2 hamburger but she never look fat..she always say that she want to be the bollywood next top model.. hahaha

oh yea,,to my best friend emily,we dont meet each other like more than 10 years, i wish that we could meet each other at casting(jk) but seriously i miss you a lot.i still have our pic but my mom kept it.. some of my friend now,(awful, mean and kind of weird , some of them really funny) but they're not like you guys.. ok then i don't want to type anymore because im scared my tears will fall into my laptop(spark!!!!) hahaha

ok bye bye
niesa trienca

my first try..^_^

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