Friday, 25 June 2010

asian before and after plastic surgery

boys over flower-geum jandi

its girls generation... they look adorable now...

some of them are not using plastic surgery, for sure^^.


hey guys check it out my latest post..
just wait....

the funny and weirdest animal

ahahaha so funny

so friendly..and kawaii

wow!! so big

I cant leave without this....


lollipop that sales in london(sold out just in 5 min)

nyummy cookie

no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey blogger..check it out.. my new post..
this is what my friend told the readers...I'm **********, not a pure Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. I'm mixed-blood and a normal human being, for sure!

she's following me..hahaha im sure she's a stalker...big,huge and enormous stalker in the world...well this is the time i have to tell u that some of my friend are pretender and act like she's my best friend...hell no!!!!! i told her that im not pure Malay but im just mixed... at least i don't showing off about where i come from....

i didnt know why sometimes she always talking about LIFE IN JAPAN.. im not interested with it.. some of GIRL student are too obsessed with Japanese and Korean..

and more thing...this question is really tricky and she tell the lie.. she copied my answer..

if you had access to a time machine, where and when would be the first place you travel to?

Canada. I really want to meet my mom :'(

i think she's copy my answer!!! why she keep following me like a stalker,stalker and stalker.... when will u stop be my stalker rin??? thats too much since i met her..

first, she told me that she's from german. second, japanese. third, singapore. and now chinese... huh my brain got stuck up because of her...

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