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hey ya im back with answer

after those awful day but beautiful sunrise, god just gave me a chance to updated my bloggers back since a while im too busy with work-baby sit my niece. im actually wanted to update back this blog however since my computer has gone something wrong, so i decide to borrow my first sister's laptop.. someone made it for me. isnt that sweet? so kind^.^ although im not into pink matter but this is nice. thank you friend, i do appreciate that.

or all parents whom r facing lots a problem about their child’s.

E.g.: 1. “why my son/daughter can’t even focused on their studies?

Ans: before u mad/ scold them, way more better is that u guys must look/ask ur child how’s school now a day, their subject and their surrounding. . Ask them to tell u the truth but in a good way.

Take note: never ever slap or hit them with any materials. Normally, kid or teenagers will not answer their parents face to face or what we called it- directly. Maybe they r having difficult time to answer the entire question because they scared if their parents will hit them or whatever. Once they are ready, they will tell u everything. Never get bored with it. Trust me; sometimes it takes 1 or 2 weeks for them to think, “why they do this/why they do that”. Its really2 happen to me before too. Luckily my parents are very understanding and know how hard we r trying our best to get an A. I still remember when I was in 8th grade; I cannot even sleep just because I want to get B for my maths-algebra. I keep studying while everyone is on his or her sweet dreams. Until the next day, I got panda eyes. Tired and feeling so anxious abt my results- I got –A: 96%... nothing is impossible my dear. Try harder as if u r chasing Ur crushed and scared if they will taken by someone. That’s story sounds like..

For teenagers- how to minimize stress

2. How can I focus on my studies instead of thinking my boyfriend/girlfriend or my crush will taken by someone?

Ans: there’s no way to avoid actually.. I know this not good point but when Im asked to my counseling tcher or my prof., they said its better u thinks all abt negative side of their background. In addition, this will take 2 weeks. Its just co-incidence on first sight, isn’t? Lols. Thinking of them, will they help u on Ur studies? No right. They wont help u, too useless. Although I never date with someone but I know how it feels. I keep arguing with my parents and my sibling’s abt my crush before. They ask me when I will fall in love or got a boyfriend. Well, got I 1 friend Kevin and which is also known as my best friend. How can I love him, he is my trustee. I got tones of boy friends- not boyfriend*love*.. Its just friend. None of them are fit too me. Back to the question, its hard actually to answer. I never Google this kind of things. He he he. “Miracle could happen once in a while, when u believe” lols.

3. I just fail my 1st exam and now im gonna take my 2nd exam (repeat). Nevertheless, how can I focus on my studies? I feel so desperate among my cousins and friends after knowing my results. People think that im losers and dumb. Im actually try my best to score higher marks. Even my parent does not know how to help me for my studies. I don’t think I can do this. Please help me. Thanks

Ans: never feeling so down my dear. You should be proud I admit that im also not that good in studies. Just do not hear what they say. All are nothing. U wants to kill urself. It is useless. I learn from internet and YouTube. Yeah I know u people may think that im searching bad things, huh? Never judge me. Lols. Most important is eat green vegetables and red meat. This is not only good for ur brain but also can helps in increasing ur metabolism. Brain need to rest just like human and robot. Don’t care what people say about u, they tease u or what.. once if they’re tired, they’ll stop talking abt u. when ur learning, avoid from talking to someone who sits near who except if u r alone in the room. People might think u r crazy if u r talking although there’s no one inside the room. lols

4. Which food is good for our brain? Especially for the one who is sitting for mid-year or final examination. Moreover, which food must be avoided for student who sits for exam?

Ans: bIG NO NO

- Avoid drinking too much alcohol – not only damage ur lungs but also it can damage ur memory and brain.

- avoid junk food. From here, u can save more money.


-Food that contain vitamin B and iron -to maintaining the physical and mental energy necessary to study well. Iron containing foods include read meat, cereals and spinach.

-Never ever skip ur breakfast. U guys can just eat a bowl of cereals with milk. That would be enough. Drinking coffee and tea can make u feel warm. That is good too actually.

-Scramble eggs with toast, cheese or salsa. It will work.

-Before u go to sleep. Eat at least a teaspoon of original honey and not containing or add sugar.

- Green vegetables. Did I mention it before? No, right? Hehehe

These are my favorite’s part, it says that green vegetables not only good for students and kids brain. Green vegetables are a good source of calcium that helps with muscle contraction. So, for guy who really2 want to get chocolate abs*lols* this will help ur ab workouts.

-eat more fish. Oily fish is high in omega-3 fats, which may help to prevent heart disease.

5. What are the easy tips for successful in studies?

using colorfull/yellow paper-sticky notes, making Ur own notes *simple notes/just points* it might help too. Avoid from drinking too much caffeine. You have to be confident.

6. How to choose a good friends?

Ans: friends are friends and not only because of their appearance. However, most people say that it should be the first things to consider. To be honest, I got tons of friends that I considered them as my siblings and none of them is my enemy. You don’t have to be worry being tease. Never judge friends by their appearance.

7. 14 February is very important date. Well its valentine. Me as a guy, what should I give to my admire? Seriously I’ve been thinking like almost a year and im scared it could disappoint her if I just propose her without saying anything. What should I do? Btw had u ever received any flower or present by someone who really admiring you?

Ans: flower maybe ok. Nevertheless, it might be quiet weirdo if this is your first time, huh? Guy should know more abt this*creative thinking* like how to attract the girl their crush/like. For example, gift simple notes on her book or anything that is belonged to her. Should be at her stationary. U must try it and make sure no one realize this thing especially her friends. It reminds me when I was in 9th grade, some gave me lot of chocolates and toffee bcuz I really love chocolate, it makes me feel so hyper and energetic.* If u r Muslim, u can’t celebrate valentine. It’s a sin.*

8. Do u have any tips to get fresh looking make up or something?

Ans: Stop gawking in the mirror. Be ur self. Beauty doesn’t have to do with ur face or posture even surgery. Its such wasting.. Smiles are one of the beauties. Did u realize that? Oh yea, don’t forget to brush ur teeth to get beautiful white smile.*cling!*

There are few tips which learn from my girlfriends- Krish not Kris Jenner .lols; p sorry sorry sorry

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Hair- wash ur hair day every other day but not everyday unless if u got a scalp or dry hair. U really want ur want to look shiny, clean and probably healthy isn’t? Not oily.. Healthy hair is pretty. If u wish to dye ur hair- make sure it suits with ur skin tone. Good hair cut. Hairstyles often need some products to stay looking good. Therefore, use waxes, gels, sprays or mousses- don’t use it too much.*talking about hair issue, i just realize that my hair colour is getting brown *
  3. Eye- eyeliner adds definition to your eyes. Eyeshadow can help to brightens up your eyes, make it light and not too heavy make up. Not only have that, mascara also made ur eyes look pretty and super cool. In modern look or Korean/Japanese, they usually use “dolly wink” fake eyelash. Its so fancy!! Its popular, u can find it any cosmetic shop like Sephora, etude house and more. Contact lens- never use colour lens that does not match ur skin tone. Wearing big eye contact lens/Barbie lens is not a problem.
  4. Skin- get a flawless skin is important especially for teenagers. Moisturizing to keep ur skin soft. Want Korean make up? BubzBeauty/Michelle Phan will show u how to do. Alternatively, try Promise Phan- she’s so amazing.
  5. Clean finger and nails.
  6. Bushman eyebrow really irritating ur look? I got sparse and funny looking eyebrow.

I think its enough...

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Any more question, just inbox me at my facebook. If u don’t want it to be posted/publish in here*blogger*just tell me earlier.

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