Thursday, 23 February 2012

Inbox me if u got any problem

To my dearest friends and reader.

If u r facing lots of problem like face product, friends that hate u a lot and u don't know why do they hate u or anything.. There r parents who always inbox me, not only them but teenage too. Maybe I can help u too if u got any question, pls don't be hesitate to ask me on my FACEBOOK- Niesa Trienca.
btw before u add me,pls tell me where do u got my fb bcuz there's lot of fakers. I got friends from Facebook, her name is Sarah rafika. I really like her blog and her diary website. People like to fake her pic. Same like mine, I dunno why people like to act as a fakers.. My face doesn't look cute nor beautiful at all but why do people like to use my pic..funny!!*not at all*

Btw thanks for voting my blogger. I love u. Right now I'm learning others language. I learn 7 language- Thailand, Korean, German, Indian, Spanish, French and Filipino. It's very challenging for me. I'm facing lots of problems now a day. That's why I haven't post anything here. I'm really sorry.

Lots of love,
Niesa t.
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