Friday, 25 November 2011

welcome back.. niesa's back

Hello Hello fellas..lols
hi,u guys miss me?
exam is over. im Freeee but not single and not in relationship mode.. lols. to all my readers and visitors thanx for all the comment. i love yaaa^^
first of all,
i miss my my friends,schools and all my teachers-they're rock. all the cherish moment that i spent for 11 years in that school. schools are just like my sweetest home and my 2nd home where i've got lots of siblings to share all the joys and sad moment that we've been through. to all my teachers and friends thanx for all ur support. I still remember when my 1st time went to this schools, everyone is staring at me like strangers/ alien that sent to earth to know how do human look like. i feel like im the queen whenever i walk on the corridor, students give me way and some are just like stupid and make innocent face.ugh!! well forget about it. the overwhelming i've been enjoyed for 11 years in this school are going to be my best and sweet memories of all where i learn regulation, honest and love.

stupid qoutes i got from internet..
u give us window and we jump through it,
u gave us apple and we destroy it,
u gave us way but we leave it.

Here's some picture and im gonna introduce to u all.
my friend-huda*very sweet and cute but a bit sensitive*. so sad when she told me that her parents couldn't able to come on her last day*graduation ceremony*. so i ask my sister to took a snapshot of her at least but said that ' it would be fine if i take a picture with u'.. awww~ how sweet*sarcastic face* lols.. i miss her so much.
Dato' hajiek- his real name is haziq. he's my seatmate. i dunno why we both including one of my very brilliant friend-shiqster like to talk about style, cosmo and etc-silly things.first time i know him, i thought he's stupid. i wonder how could he learn if in every lesson his eyes is always closed*sleeping actually, LOLS* like concentrating on something*yoga*. lols i miss him so much..thanx bestie for poa and maths.. awesome^^this is najmi- the only girl he really trust is "me".. do u want to know why? well its secret.. shhh!!!! i could'nt tell u guys.. he's such a nice guy, he always give me an advice which is good for me and sometimes non sense-.- his admire are one of my friend on elective dad- he's not a teacher..lols dont u see his nose? well its exactly like mine, mushroom nose.hehehe Some beliefs, they said "wealthy and lucky nose".. wow^^ lovelehh~ huhu thats what i mean"adorable"hey hey guys dont say this is my boyfriend.. im going kill u!!! this is ronish-my parents told me to date with him*jk*.. NO!!! ok admit, he's one of my favourite guy in the class but not anymore . im getting annoyed sometimes whenever i sit next to him.. the worst part is when my teacher ask me to past the paper or book.. ugh!! he always says"thanx baby" to me.. well sometimes, when i look at him he's so handsome and such extraordinary person. the way he treat people are superlacious*cute* i still remember when he's trying to hug me, my parents are like GULP!!! i was like "ronish, my parents. they are looking at u". and taraaaa~ they took a snapshot.. this 3 guys are category"top good-looking and brilliant" handsome rite?
dean- cute and very quite guy in class.. his eyes never look at the camera
john- also cute and charming. short but brilliant. very romantic guy.
ronish-annoying but handsome. my bracelet is still with him.. i gave him actually.
niesa- nothing much u should know.. its me actually..lols

from L-R- dean, john, ronish and me

my class teacher- t.rajesh. miss him so much.. very good in accounting. he's teaching me POA.. dont u see on the t.v last few month? he's getting best award!!! amazing, isnt? he can be friend and pls be serious when he's explaining something. he won't repeat for the 2nd time. he's fun and funny.. i love that sounds..lols
oh yea, have u seenthis blog before? she's totally amazing!! her name was masako-mizutani*just click*

im getting fat.. look at my double chin-.-'wanna know about my birthday???
just wait for my next post.. this isnt finished yet..

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