Thursday, 9 June 2011

party party

hi guys...
just wanna inform that "Shaun Evaristo x Kanauru - Drips" are part of our talent show
*for dancing* that are totally awesome but not exactly like in those videos.. we change and cut it short until 1:30 ..hehehehe^^
last night i went to my friend birthday party. it was first time went to this kind of party that i've never been before. well i hd kind of weird feelin that im actually dont want to explain much. the party was totally super super awesome and i feel like OMG im rich!!! hehehe *kidding* .. i feel more anxious unlike my friend-aina and ashraf. i feel so horrible and nervous before the party started cuz as i mention before, that was my first time being wild..NOOOOOOO!!!! i was joking lols.
the person that im not expecting why she act like this and that, WOW ..she's so weird like ehem ehem..
while i was taking a pic of my friend, one guy just interrupt
"are u passive smoke? wanna dance with me sexy hotty bitch?
" 1 guy asking to me..ugh~
"what did u just call me, bitch? what the F...? and i just leave him alone, i know thats rude but im actually being not type of girl who like clubbing, prom night and wild party BIG NO NO..sorry^^
anyway one again happy birthday to rich guy & magic boy-marzuki...and thanx 4 inviting me 2 ur party. all love you..
isnt cool?^^ this is how they look like

i guess thats the end of my story..hehehe
http://www.emocutez.combye ...

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