Monday, 6 June 2011

i love u guys and miss u a lot..

hi everyone

just now we had an awesome party in class *party yea party yea!!*

oh yea almost forgotten that we had a performance for SARJANA GOT TALENT..*YEAR 11'E , U R DA BEST* , actually we can win for the contest but then we late for 3 sec and the limit for the performance are only 4 minutes. the performance- we divided into 3 that is ronish. john and albert gonna sing and bla bla, we were dancing -muiz, huds, zeqe, syiqster, hajiek, Nora, najmi, and the most talented student in my class who's gonna have an awesome party in rizqun hotel, he's doin a magic that no other class doin it.. hahaha feel so proud of him.. i love u guys

but there's a person who ruin my happiness- T.R ..the one i wrote for like a years ago..shit!!! i should 4get him and stay away from him but then he came and walk passed by me and dont even look at me.. dont u know how hurt is that?? anyway, thanx my baby kev, u really save me .. u r my hero.. cheeeehhhhh~

guys and girls, sorry for not updating my blog often, as u know that im so so so damn busy doin my h/w and my computer proj. ugh~ its killin me rite now hahaha today im not sweet to guys cuz im so frustrated..u guys no need to know abt it...

1st day of photoshoot--------chill while eating kfc!!!!

nyum nyum...i gave 1/2 to my super duckly kevin..hehehe don't be so jealous

day before photoshoot..
chill with family.. huhuhu latte shake~ i feel like in heaven that time.

btw there's a visitor who inbox me that they wanna look at my photoshoot picture.. sorry my dear,i dont have it cuz it is with the photographer.. i ask him before that i want to post some pic in my blog but he didnt wnt to expose it. so, im so sorry again^^ btw thanx for visiting my blog

i would like to give/say a big thanx to my friend(muiz, huds, zeqe, syiqster, hajiek, Nora, najmi) for covering my bad dance hahaha..that was so embarrasing.. and my partner, i didn't know that u r awesome in dance freak like that..what the hell man!!!! oh my gosh im like a robot just now..hahaha

ok guys,, im gonna post more either next day/week/month not a year...

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