Wednesday, 4 May 2011

i love L'élan Vital

hi everyone,
today im gonna share with u guys the secret of being kawaii aka cute.. >jk< lols .how do u guys performed infront the camera during prom night, photoshoot ,dinner and etc..
and now, im gonna start with:-

L'élan Vital BrowPerfect Retractable Pencil

(L'élan Vital Flexiliner For Eye) - trust me, u guys looks beautiful if u wear this.

L'élan Vital UV Defence Flawless Finish Compact
It helps to absorb excess sebum for a matte finish while maintaining your skin's moisture levels for hours.

L'élan Vital Moisture Rich Foundation
Promotes brighter and fairer skin tone

L'élan Vital Perfect Coverage Cream Compact Foundation-

For best result: apply soft cream or face primer(shu uemura , loreal & etc)Dab a dot of product on each cheek, your forehead, nose, eyelids and chin. this will help your make-up long lasting.

after the photoshoot, usually face and skin will feel tired, they also need air and oxygen.. it always happened to us, I would prefer to use ultra-gentle makeup remover to remove stains my taxes.^^

lipstick? nehh~ it might be my upcoming post^^ by the way do i look different in this picture? am i cute? http://www.emocutez.comhehehe joking

yea im done with it

bye everyone
lots of love, trienca

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