Sunday, 24 April 2011

flower bucket >.< contest +

I would like to congratulate myself for having won the second place .. very happy because it can not be presumed that I have won..before my name was called, I was like im so excited..

anyway,i got a very serious problem tht share to most of u guys especially to TEENAGER'S like me*proud* this story is about me and 1 of the "a.m " "t"*not gonna mention his name here* its kind weird now a day.. every time he crossed either in front or behind me, my heart would beat fast .. dunno know why? why I never liked him before or maybe bcuz i told my friend tht he's so handsome and good looking.. but,,The most strange is that he prefers to pass in front of me instead of using way in the corridor,at that time I had to attend maths extra class. so yea , my mom pick me at 3.45 but she took me at 4'oclock=.='

most of my friend says tht either he want to talk to me or he like http://www.emocutez.comme as well as i like him too*before* for the sight hahaha stop it..
what made ​​me upset or frustrated is when i saw he went home with one of the "T"..shit!!!!
he just broke my heart.. i hope tht he's not my type or i cnt fall in love at this age.. i must consider my self to be happy-go-lucky gurl bcuz im so expensive.. help me if u guys can..hw can i forget him??? pls pls pls

niesa trienz

oh yea before i finish i would like to say happy birthday to my bestie cuzie aka my cousin who live next door*my neighbor * the handsome guys and the most cutest girl...

happy birthday Azy


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