Sunday, 6 March 2011

im not a celebrity

hey ya guys,, whats up?

im really obsessed to be a celebrity before but then my parent wont let me to do so.. i have to focused on my studies.. this upcoming 12.3.11-my debate competition..*good luck for me* and yea im a bit nervous like before..hope we will win^^hehehe.. BTW its really weird now a day to me which the day has turn super magically.. yesterday my family went to one of the restaurant which is considered as 4 star hotel+restaurant,, *here the story begin* i dont know why tht kids got my picture and want an autograph,sign and bla bla asking alot of bored question.hahaha feel so weird and embarassing that time most of the people look at me and some of them whispering like "who is she? WANNABE!!!" ugh~ i hate that word-.-'

please please please do not be
.. I am not a celebrity but im just a
normal human being...i really hate attention from anyone not freaking "wannabe bhush...lols"^^

I pass my maths exam
...*私は素晴らしいね!* hehehe im happy..thank you t.cute super model...he's such a very good teacher, no wonder most of his student passes their o'level.. really2 appreciate to be one of his student.. hope i get 10 in my o'level exam^^..

Bye バイバイ

niesa かわいい

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