Sunday, 27 March 2011

hi again..^^

hi everyone^^ its the earth day yea

schools will be open soon .. a very boring day for me, especially the grumpy and boring teacher. I leave for the first term is now quite boring, especially if the first lot of homework as a year to complete..I have learned during the holidays ..
My head is sore http://www.emocutez.comdue to lack of rest due to lack of rest..
I am very stress now that say too much focus on my studies

before the school re-open its better to go to gym or make fun of our enemies like painting their faces that made me laugh I do not know why my friends still call me "sweety sugar babe niesa" funny bcuz im kind of very hot-temper person & and there is a little naughty who like to make noise by hummmming~ bcuz im the king of disturber *hero* and the most very unimportant ---My friends often pinched my cheek until i got a chubby cheeks and looks cute... hahaha

gonna update more...feel so sleepy and feel soooo damn cold aka freezing in here brrrr

gotta go,,

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