Sunday, 27 March 2011

hi again..^^

hi everyone^^ its the earth day yea

schools will be open soon .. a very boring day for me, especially the grumpy and boring teacher. I leave for the first term is now quite boring, especially if the first lot of homework as a year to complete..I have learned during the holidays ..
My head is sore http://www.emocutez.comdue to lack of rest due to lack of rest..
I am very stress now that say too much focus on my studies

before the school re-open its better to go to gym or make fun of our enemies like painting their faces that made me laugh I do not know why my friends still call me "sweety sugar babe niesa" funny bcuz im kind of very hot-temper person & and there is a little naughty who like to make noise by hummmming~ bcuz im the king of disturber *hero* and the most very unimportant ---My friends often pinched my cheek until i got a chubby cheeks and looks cute... hahaha

gonna update more...feel so sleepy and feel soooo damn cold aka freezing in here brrrr

gotta go,,


Monday, 21 March 2011

Etude -bb cream again^^

before p.shot, before using bb creamhttp://www.emocutez.comwithout edit ....morning people...^^ i like this pic

Skin79 Hot Pink Sun Protect BB Pact SPF 30 PA++
now,u guys can hang out with ur kawaii gurlz/cutie guys..lols i like to wear this before my bestie "kreisha" says that bb cream is much easier than the other ehehem..hahaha..

u guys must have this one...must must must..
for best result use :
brush foundation- for liquid

VIP Gold Label BB Cream SPF25 PA++
Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream SPF25 PA++

the existence of this cream, I felt my skin more beautiful and clean. http://www.emocutez.comusually time for lunch, my skin is oily and in any location I have to bring cleansing. it is very embarrassing for me because every time I have to bring a handkerchief or tissue to wipe my face. no longer a few days later I and my close friends "kriesha" going to shop for goods that were ordered by her boss, and we walked all of a sudden I saw a store called "Etude House" .. from there, I came across a lot of facial beauty products for my face. a few days later, my skin is amazing and glowing .. "No" need to worry and wanted to wear thick make-up, just want to cover pimples .. bb cream foundation can cover everything that you are not satisfied ..

how about the cute girl over there? thats the secret of beauty "korean/japanese girls"

niesa かわいい

Maddi Jane - Jar of Hearts (by Christina Perri)

paris hilton with dark skin...lols burning!!!!

how could she do that? u just like a sluts..

i dunno wht happen to this pic..i've just received this pic from my bestie "kevin" -he had just went back from japan..luckily he's fine...fuhh~ hehehe i miss him so much..bebeh lols.. im gonna met him after holiday..yeay cant wait ^^ *he's not my boyfriend and im not gonna show to anyone else.. i promise to him already, sorry to the one who really want to know his face^^....btw bye evryone...

gud nite^^
~sweet dream~

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Which is best for my blogger themes?

i got it from ( &

help me to choose which one is the best for my background- this blog ..^^

Sunday, 6 March 2011

im not a celebrity

hey ya guys,, whats up?

im really obsessed to be a celebrity before but then my parent wont let me to do so.. i have to focused on my studies.. this upcoming 12.3.11-my debate competition..*good luck for me* and yea im a bit nervous like before..hope we will win^^hehehe.. BTW its really weird now a day to me which the day has turn super magically.. yesterday my family went to one of the restaurant which is considered as 4 star hotel+restaurant,, *here the story begin* i dont know why tht kids got my picture and want an autograph,sign and bla bla asking alot of bored question.hahaha feel so weird and embarassing that time most of the people look at me and some of them whispering like "who is she? WANNABE!!!" ugh~ i hate that word-.-'

please please please do not be
.. I am not a celebrity but im just a
normal human being...i really hate attention from anyone not freaking "wannabe bhush...lols"^^

I pass my maths exam
...*私は素晴らしいね!* hehehe im happy..thank you t.cute super model...he's such a very good teacher, no wonder most of his student passes their o'level.. really2 appreciate to be one of his student.. hope i get 10 in my o'level exam^^..

Bye バイバイ

niesa かわいい

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