Saturday, 26 February 2011

over MAD!! its for u .*just know who u are*

  • wearing "roar" eww outfit on my occasion.SHE'S THE HATER!!!!
  • wannabe leader on my group. that's her
  • holding a/greedy on michrophones-"is this on?"
  • center of attention-barely mention=.=' stop being bitch!!!
  • follow my style*not on twitter,lols* eg. im the first grandchild who bought a piano,she bought the GRAND PIANO..really2 showing off...duch~,,curling my hair, u follow and name ur address as if u r in punjab or miss indian ,tajmahal >.< style="color: rgb(255, 153, 0); font-weight: bold;"> u r bruniean not hindustan..
  • make her own rule like late for half an hour for practise considering as "SLUTTY HELL!!".. thts the truth^^ and its u..
fuhh~ im done with u guys wanna know why i post this? its just because the person who i really mad are really overlimit, over acting and over dose=.="
because of her my sister dont trust me either.. she always turn upside down the story to my sister.. so i really need someone could buy a huge zip to closed her mouth and ask her to stop telling the lie story to my sister!!!

i need someone to replace her from that idoit junkie story and spreading rumours abt my other cuzie.. i really hope u out of my group and stop acting as if u r so lonely*desperate* infront of my parent and others..
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