Saturday, 26 February 2011

over MAD!! its for u .*just know who u are*

  • wearing "roar" eww outfit on my occasion.SHE'S THE HATER!!!!
  • wannabe leader on my group. that's her
  • holding a/greedy on michrophones-"is this on?"
  • center of attention-barely mention=.=' stop being bitch!!!
  • follow my style*not on twitter,lols* eg. im the first grandchild who bought a piano,she bought the GRAND PIANO..really2 showing off...duch~,,curling my hair, u follow and name ur address as if u r in punjab or miss indian ,tajmahal >.< style="color: rgb(255, 153, 0); font-weight: bold;"> u r bruniean not hindustan..
  • make her own rule like late for half an hour for practise considering as "SLUTTY HELL!!".. thts the truth^^ and its u..
fuhh~ im done with u guys wanna know why i post this? its just because the person who i really mad are really overlimit, over acting and over dose=.="
because of her my sister dont trust me either.. she always turn upside down the story to my sister.. so i really need someone could buy a huge zip to closed her mouth and ask her to stop telling the lie story to my sister!!!

i need someone to replace her from that idoit junkie story and spreading rumours abt my other cuzie.. i really hope u out of my group and stop acting as if u r so lonely*desperate* infront of my parent and others..

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

hair wig/extension + my diary..

hey ya guys,, kawaii^^

hows your wonderful sunshine/nite time mood?^^

actually im sunburn!!! my skins too tanned*.*
anyway i just finished my project tht i made individually without any help from my friend nor my family.. btw for a hundred time to tell once again to my friend,"COUSINS" & family-whtever / how close me and kevin pls dnt keep asking the same blahhhhh idiot question.well i know most of u guys think im truly innocent *yea i know* but the truth is im not,, for the time being=.=' why? are u guys jealous if he's chinese or cute or handsome?
truly sorry if i call u guys idiot*just know who u are* think abt ur self*see ur self infront of the mirror*
(lets forget it)
yesterday my mom just received a new catalog which is from Paris, Korea & Japan(hairstyle) and from china/canada.. feel so lucky now a day after joining with mum's business..but sadly no big income for me bcuz im still in year 11 T_T school!!!! this year is so challenging for me and my cuzie>.<>
hope u guys enjoy^^gyaru-raba

Monday, 14 February 2011


( cómo están todos?)
Guess what????
this morning i received 2 flower and yea one of them are my friend "KEVIN" *^.^* isn't that sweet guys? hahaha but he still consider as my "friend & bro" need to worry im not gonna take him to be my bf but its my bff. and one of them is unknown and he gave me a very cute card saying that "HI, may i know your name and i really wanna talk tou you but i feel so shy, to know more may i know your fb or anything which i can contact or chat with you?" lols its so damn funny man, i never ever received present or anything on, this is my very first time +.+

have a nice day for couple and to all my dearest friend,cousin and my mummy daddy^^ luv u guys a lot..

i'll post something within this week if im not busy doin' my project.. my brain almost stuck with that thingy so i'll make it clear, my dear visitor^^
just wait as ussual for my upcoming post..

내가 당신을 너무 사랑해^.^

Thursday, 3 February 2011

too hot for teacher *chinese*

she look like hye-yeon
so kawaii
with her bestie

look like one of the snsd..lols

her glasses is just like mine but i bought from Sofie martin^^

how will the student*guy* learned if this teacher taught them? must be so fun for them and their grade will be 80% pass hahaha 20% boooooooooooo!!!!

btw hows my post? interesting or still boring?
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