Thursday, 20 January 2011

turn to be japanese^^

dear my kawaii friends and visitor,,

yesterday i found that there's too much people want me to post something kawaii stuff. *my facebook and my formspring inbox so full* well im kind of busy now a day so im kind of need some extra time to find that thingy.. im sure u will not regret my dear..hahaha actually my friend just told me that posting something about Japanese may attract to girls and guy *think so*

just wait for my upcoming post.. for a meantime my post will be "snsd-girls generation" music video^^hehehe dont get struck by snsd
(fyi-im just posting not to be wannabe them^.^)

stay tune with my kawaii post^^be sure that no harsh or bad comment about them^^ to fulfill my fans questionaire..*kidding*

sweetie swish^^

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