Sunday, 12 December 2010

Secret Base of Personality "BLOCK NAME"

letter A
Friendly smiles and cheap. They also know how to adapt socially than thoughtful and intelligent. The drawback, it's easy to feel satisfied, and easy to remove the pungent words when expressing their anger. Even so angry easily pleased.

letter B
Always calm in the face of complex problems and endanger himself is a characteristic appearance. They are also very loyal and patient, which makes it very favorably in the association. The drawback is easily offended.

the letter C
Friendly and articulate. This is what makes it popular among friends. They did not mean the act, and always consider the problems is trivial.

the letter D
Quiet, speaking only when necessary. Courteous, disciplined and hardworking. The advantage is that success in achieving its ambitions. The weakness was always worried and hard to believe someone else.

the letter E
Clever and full consideration in the exercise of responsibility. Jovial attitude when his love, but love to keep quiet when his restless and can make other people wounded.

Letter F
Have a strong stance, not easily shaken and stubborn. They are also difficult to forgive. Not true, and very careful when shopping.

the letter G
Often depressed and saddened. Stand easily influenced. Diligently to learn when his lazy and instead prefer lazing at his being diligent.

the letter H
Easy sympathy, gentle language. Never hurt the feelings of others. Always in a hurry in doing the work, fanciful and ambitious too high.

letters I
Like to hide feelings and problems. They are also easy to feel suspicious and jealous of other people. Like crying.

Friendly smiles and cheap. They also know how to adjust to the association. Easy to doubt the decision-making and not firm.

Clever jokes. Day-to-day is always cheerful despite feeling restless. Weakness like to tell the secret ..

the letter L
Friendly and sociable and had many good friends. Do not like gossiping and interfering in other people's business. Very careful when shopping. The weakness is not timely.

the letter M
Clever and creative, love the softness and if shackled, they will rebel. Glad to be friends, because they are not resolved. WEAKNESS wasteful and stubborn.

the letter N
Nice and neat in dress. They like to lend a helping hand to others without thought of reward. Weakness easily grieve and lack of confidence.

Multipurpose allowed. Like harbored feelings and problems and is difficult to trust others. Consequently crowded that consider arrogant and like to choose a friend.

the letter P
Humor clever and always cheerful. Got a lot of ideas and very creative. Often do things before other people do. Somewhat vindictive and wasteful.

the letter Q
Faithful and easy to forgive others. Like taking the time to my friends. Stubborn, difficult to set up and easy emotion.

R '
Quiet and speak only when necessary. Working diligently with the popular and hard in the pursuit of ideals. Likes to criticize. And difficult to control when angry speech.

the letter S
Clever and diligent in the pursuit of ideals. Not like the people who love tryst. Weakness irritable than hard hold emotions. If you are emotionally-explosive anger exploded.

the letter T
Very disciplined. Always doing things according to the rule book. Do not like wool or lazy. Like to show themselves than happy to get nervous, especially when innocent.

Plain-spoken and aloof. Naif which harm other people. Can not stand the criticism and less clever sort of words when speaking in front of the public.

the letter V
Speech gentle and shy.
adjust/fit clever self. In addition, they are also even-tempered person in the vicinity of the stories are enchanting. Do not like to confess.

the letter W
Friendly and easy sympathy. His manner is charming. Have a high tolerance and a light hand. Stubborn and difficult to set up, but his heart may be softened by the patience and tenderness.

letter X
Fine character. Likes to do social work. Easily offended and will not reconcile with those who offend his feelings ..

Quiet and did not like to show themselves. Many consider it arrogant, even though they are good friends. Dare not express an opinion.

the letter Z
Clever jokes and adapt in the association. Like greeted first and love present themselves.
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