Thursday, 16 December 2010

new sweetie lens

Hey guys,,its been so long that i haven't seen your face*sing* hahaha lols.. Anyway, I've just received an unexpected mail from my dearest friend Kevin like what you hv just seen at my chtbx.
(I knew tht most of you guys still curious why he call me as dear, honey or whtever he called me..well,he's actually not my admire nor my boyfriend.. he's my friend where we both met at tht unknown restaurant where i left my dummy notebook at his table *actually,the waitress was wrong, i ask her to put my book at the cashier,indeed she put at Kevin's table"she's hallucinating anyway"* & of course he took it and brought it for a week!!! good job anyway,kev LOLS i've been scolded by my teacher,LOLS.. after all theres a call from unknown no. and thats him..he's actually a nice guy,good-looking*handsome* and cutie little baby eyes)

bff~ no need to long niesa. lols .^-^. OK,,just forget it.
This sweetie lens are may attract to teenager especially me but im not used to it*sob sob*. and if you want to know more about this , just add me at facebook-niesa doubt but i look damn horror with short hair.. ahaha new style..just add me and that's it..

next topic 'maybe' will be "gel eyeliner" if u want to be my kawaii(かわいい)friends pls linked me on your blog but tell me at my chtbx ...ahahaha

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