Wednesday, 25 August 2010

new contact lens by colour VUE

viper contact lense
cyborg contact lense
zebra contact lense
STAR-BURST GREEN contact lense

crazy contact lens $100+ if 1 year and im not sure if 5 month..i think -$45
the most popular is the cat eyes , barbie pink,chequered,viper,twilight,zebra, Blackout and cyborg...
an elegant ready-to-party GOLD or Silver effect
this contact lens only cost $35 -3 month
the thick dark circle creates a defined looking eyes with naturally blending color tones..
dolly eyes / big eyes only cost for $40- 3+ month..

im sorry the pic is not in order because im so busy now a day ... i hope u guys understand..
FYI,, i don't sell those thingy... this are just sample...and BTW i please don't give me such a bad comment about my blog on my fb..OK.'=_='..i hate that..

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