Monday, 10 August 2009

silly group no brain became my bestfriend stories

this is just story..hehe
here's the story begin..
''dong dong dong' 'hey where's the noise come from? ,, it hurts my ear drum,, i said.Hey u fat girl ,why r u still not in complete uniform? and what is that?(my drawing).. it look kind of wierd and ugly..said the beautiful and mean girl.. "yaaaa".said her frenz.. they laugh..actually it is not funny at all,but once i saw their drawing it looks like omg haha like nursery drawing..more ugly than the nursery.. i just smile at them and make innocent face. just imagine how silly
At first i just be patient, maybe it is because my first time in here..but then i can't control my emotion because they always bully me like stupid but i just ignore what they say.. just in front of them..
one day i one her frenz come to me and start to be so annoying like *@#!.. when i look at her face , she start to staring at me like les#@%*..ewww. then i tell her to shut up.. then the last thing that actually she want to tell me is that please teach me how to be a good girl and she want to become my bff.. what the hell? only that she want to tell me.. waste my time. she need to apologize.. but it is to late.. so,, she ask me how can i forgive her??
"aahhh!!!! i have an idea,, follow me and u know who am i!!(haha.. now u know what am i gonna do with u) i saw her face look so pity.ahh~ but my angry still inside my heart.. haha.. after a few hours i saw a 5 girls sitting on the bench while the discipline teacher scolding at them.. i start to recognise their face.. "i think that girl r the one that bully me, but happened? i heard that everyone feels guilty with them because they say that these girl r popular but now everyone start to hate them.. no one solute them..
in addition people won't talk to them anymore.. no more way for them.. theres so many bad news come from one class to the another class.. (so pity, right?) but i dont care.
so,, on that day also they begging to for an apologize.. so what will i do?
ok then i forgive them but i gave them 1 condition. they asked me what is it? be my friend but remember i'm a leader not u, pointing to the leader..
Start from that day we became a best friend but not forever.. hahaha..
so,i hope you read this story..appreciate it but dont make it seriously..ok bye bye..

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