Tuesday, 20 October 2009

masa ramadhan

its been a looooooooooooooooooooong time already aku nda meng update blog ku... my life sometimes was so suck like @#$&...kadang2 lah..lagi pun boring brabis ku masa ni...masa ramadan gila ku masa tu,,banyak brabis dugaan rah ku..tapi nda pulang aku mental banar.. tapi yang siok nya berat badan ku turun .. masa raya pertama ,,fuhh. marbelous..bnyak ang pow yoo..i like...tapi raya 2,3,4,5 and selabihnya adooooooii letihhhhhhhhh macam mama saja ku di rumah.yang paling ku anti kalau orang beraya di rumah is-1) for org besar - perangai 2)kanak2- suka buka pintu bilik and suka kacau barang and 3) the guy keep flirting non-stop rasakn di stunner- rah kaka ku and aku lagi tu..macam tah nada perempuan lain lagi...ade de deh marah tah pulang aku ah macam c bnar.. eh like brabisly aku tired.. by the way exam pmb was kind of hard and easy.. both lah d ktakan..i hope i PASS..amen~

Thursday, 20 August 2009

*****************HAPPY BIRTHDAY************************
A (^_^)

sorry no picture 4 u.. hehehe('-') i dont hv your pic.. anyway HAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYY B'DAAAAAAY....

chubby pipiku ah..hahaha

Saturday, 15 August 2009

before and after..only the jacket..

last night

this morning

new stories

another stories about friends (just a story)
i had a friend that start letter with( whatever). althought she's too clever but she's soooo ego.omg. her ego is too much same like her friend but her dad aremy fathers bestfriend. so, i can't fight with my friend.
but one day, when i was alone the whatever major loser girl come to me. then she take my pencil case and my book without my permission.. even she read my diary book. i feel so annoyed with her.
most of my friend ask me why i always hang out with her? then i told them that actually she always follow me everywhere i went .. then if she ask me why did she follow me? then i anwer with " because u r my bodyguard, dont u? u always follow me in every step like my slave,u know that?
so,last saturday i had an arguement with her.. she's really-really make me feel very angry and i really want to slap her face.. only because of i dont talk with her.. she start to be like @!#$..
she's a consellor and she's a muslim girl but she dont use her tudong. when we ask her why dont u use your tudong today? then she answer nonsense like hell..she say" dont u look at my hair, it wets, another answer that she always say "i'm in hurry so i forget about it but why if her bra she dont forget to use it? last time before oral she say that she just lost her tudong. but then when it was her oral she use it. now she can find maybe if theres no oral.. and then blablabla whatever.. but 1 thing that make people very mad at her is when her duty she always ask people to do her duty, if one of them dont do their duty she will complain to teacher.. my duty and her are same day that is on wednesday, oh god.. her duty is to sit down and fixed her hair to look whether she is beautiful or not.. for me of course ( N)..haha..
so start from now,,people have to be careful.. not too trust your friend that u dont like.. the end..

masa b'day my mum

for the first time celebrate surprise party for my mum.. it was so fun.

pheewit.. so romantic..

happy b'day to my mum Norlela mohd.sidek , last thursday( 13-8-09)

i like those cherry..so sweet like me haha

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

before oral pmb exam

neo with her milo shake.. yummy..haha!!

jibah , tkah & neo
(masa d restaurant ex-faizi lah d katakan,, before oral exam)
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